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The  DwarfConnection DC-GO Mini Director's Monitor Cage  is a  director's monitor cage with handles for 5" monitors  such as Atomos, SmallHD and Portkeys monitors.  More compact 7" monitors can also be attached . The DC-GO Mini Director's Monitor Cage is  compatible with DC.VOLT and DC.CLICK  and thus enables power supply via V-Mount or quick switching from hand to C-Stand.

DC.GO Mini RX Bundle (without Monitor)

SKU: DC.GO.0024
€1,640.00 Regular Price
€934.80Sale Price
    • Director Monitor Cage for 5" monitors and compact 7" monitors
    • Leather handles
    • for run & gun shooting with a small setup
    • Compatible with DC.VOLT for power supply via V-Mount
    • Compatible with DC.CLICK for a quick change from hand to C-Stand
    • allows direct attachment of a DwarfConnection X-LINK.XS3
    • Includes monitor riser for maximum compatibility
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