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L1 MKII is a professional high performance wireless video receiver. DC.LINK systems transmit an uncompressed 1080p signal and camera metadata up to 1200m (LOS)* with basically no latency (less than 0,01 seconds, ideal for focus pulling). Its DFS-free WHDI technology and manual frequency management makes it extraordinary stable, also in challenging environments. 


DwarfConnection's unique Multi Brand Connectivity allows compatibility with DFS-free WHDI (no WIFI!) transmitters from various other brands.


Special features of DC.LINK PRO line are:


- Compatibility throughout the whole DC.LINK portfolio

- Master Channel Selection: all receivers react to channel changes of the transmitter and follow automatically

- Encryption Mode to protect confidential content

- Smart Fan Control: Fans stop and restart automatically with REC trigger of the camera

- Multi Brand Connectivity: all DC.LINK receivers are compatible with DFS-free WHDI (no WIFI!) transmitters provided by various other brands.


*The actual range depends - besides individual setup and environmental influences - on the transmitter you use.

X.LINK L1 MKII / Additional Receiver (as new)

SKU: DC.LI.0015
€4,390.00 Regular Price
€3,512.00Sale Price
    • Maximum Range: 1200m with ULR1 / 800m with CLR2
    • Uncompressed video up to 1080p60
    • 4:2:2 10-bit
    • Frequency scanner via HDMI output
    • Antenna function monitor via HDMI output
    • Adjustable fan: on, off, AUTO mode
    • Master Channel Selection - receivers follow transmitter
    • Encryption Mode
    • OSD can be switched off
    • OLED display on the side
    • Supports meta data transmission
    • Delay less than 1 ms
    • 3G-SDI & HDMI via the built-in converter
    • Manual frequency selection - no pairing required
    • Stable connection using the preset channels
    • Works within the 5GHz ISM band
    • Compatible with the entire portfolio and all generations of DC.LINK systems
    • Compatible with various third-party manufacturers
    • Full Qtake support for ARRI and RED metadata
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