Wirless SDI and HDMI application samples

One wirless HDMI and SDI transmitter to four wireless receivers

Wireless Multi-casting

Most of the DC-LINK wireless video transmitters can multi-cast to up to four receivers. You can use your wireless SDI or HDMI signal simultaneously on a variety of end devices such as recorders, mixers, projectors or displays.


cross-casting | wirless video transmitter to different wireless video receivers

Wireless Cross-Casting

The LR1 and CLR1 wireless video receivers can be combined easyly without the need for complex pairing. Especially on film sets the wirless video is needed in multiple locations within different ranges. Use the wireless SDI and HDMI signal wherever you need it.



wireless relay station with multiple wireless transmitters and receivers

wireless Relay Station

The reliability of wireless video transmission in challenging environments or over long distances can be increased with the use of a relay station.