ULR1 | wireless video up to 1200m
ULR1 | wireless SDI & HDMI up to 1200m
LR2 | wireless video up to 700m
LR2 | wireless SDI & HDMI up to 700m
CLR2 | wireless HDMI and SDI transmission system
CLR2 | wireless SDI & HDMI up to 300m
MR1PRO | wireless video with HDMI and RS232
MR1PRO | wireless HDMI & RS232 up to 150m
RE1 | MiMO antenna for wireless video receivers
RE1 | MiMO antenna for wireless video receivers


 WIRELESS video up to 700m


» Wireless video up to 700m

» Frequency Scanner over HDMI output

» Antenna working status over HDMI output

» Controlable fans

» OSD can be switched off

» OLED display on the side

» Supports META data and start, stop function

» Fully compatible with its predecessors LR1 and CLR1 

» Uncompressed video up to 1080p60  4:2:2 10-bit on SDI and 4:4:4 on HDMI

» Delay under 1ms

» 3G-SDI & HDMI with integrated cross-converter (HDMI to SDI / SDI to HDMI)

» Works with unlimited wireless receivers

» Manual frequency selection, no pairing required

» Stable connection established by preset channels and no use of DFS

» Operates in license-free 5Ghz-ISM band


Technical Specifications

Power: 9-18V DC (4pin connector or integrated batterymount)



Dimensions (L/W/H): 143.5 x 74.5 x 21.4mm

Weight: 380g

Connectors:1xSDI & 1xHDMI in, 1xSDI loop out, 1xmini USB

Battery mount: NPF

Power consumption: 8W



Dimensions (L/W/H): 147.8 x 100 x 20mm

Connectors: 2xSDI & 1xHDMI out, 1xmini USB

Weight: 540g

Connectors:2xSDI & 1xHDMI in, 1xSDI loop out, 1xmini USB

Battery mount: V-mount 

Power consumption: 8W

LR2 | wireless video up to 700m
LR2 set | WHDI based wireless SDI and HDMI transmission system

The DC-LINK-LR2 is the  successor of the LR1 video transmitter and offers a transmission distance of up to 700m line of sight. The entire second generation of DC-LINK systems offer a vast variety of new inventions and is the result of intense discussions and resembles the experience collected in the past two years. Apart from making wireless video even more stable and reliable our intention was to make the technology more obvious and controlable and take away the big mystery behind wireless video transmission.


The DC-SCAN, a frequency scanner combined with an antenna signal scanner is the core feature of the new systems. It can be monitored over the HDMI port. Frequency scanner and wireless video work alternately. Either monitoring the 5GHz-band or video transmission is possible. It is our intention to make wireless video as predictable as possible and like that to show its risks, but in the same way its huge potential and its domain of application. Our introduction on WHDI technology can help you avoid the most common problems in WHDI transmission.


DwarfConnection believes in sustainability and in high quality products. This is why all second generation wireless transmitters can be combined with the well-known CLR1 and LR1 systems. The LR2 is a DFS-free wireless video transmission system designed to provide highest stability for indoor use in distances up to 1200m. Like all DC-LINK wireless video systems it is based on WHDI technology. The LR2 offers two SDI ports, one HDMI port and a mini-USB port on transmitter and receiver. It is designed to multi-cast and cross-cast to an unlimited number of receivers. 2 channels of audio can be embedded in the video stream.


Stability and range can be extended with RE1, an external MIMO-antenna. With RE1 the standard transmission distance of 700m line of sight can be extended up to 1,5km.


The LR2 is used in crowded venues and busy wireless environments  for live productions, long-range transmission, film-sets and video distribution.


Like all DC-LINK series products, the LR2 is delivered in a quality tool case and equipped with two power supplies.


LR2 Transmitter


LR2 REceiver