The revolutionary idea behind dc-lock

When the idea to build our own VCT14 plate came up the first time, we quickly said "no...there are more than enough on the market".

But we had a special case and none of the available products delivered exactly what we needed...for a somehow affordable price.


So we thought about what we need:

more stability  

more flexibility 

more strength

And how to achieve it:

rethink the V-Lock mechanism

add a ARRI Standard Dovetail

add 19mm Rod Support

Yes...of corse there is a way to combine these functions by putting together some existing pieces of equipment.

But we thought we can do it better and pack it in a single, well designed, seamless, rock solid and lightweight product.

So we decided to give it a try and what you see above, is the result.

Trial and Error

During construction and when we showed the DC-LOCK at some exhibitions, we saw that we where wrong with our first opinion.

It turned out that the main feature of our product was not the combination of functions alone, but the V-Lock mechanism itself.

So we took what we learned from Version1 and moved ahead for Version2.

Coming up soon: DC-lock-v2