DC-LOCK | modular camera support wit VCT14 connector and rod support

DC-LOCK | The Rethought V-lock camera support


VCT14´s main intension is to provide fast and easy connection for broadcast cameras. For that purpose it is still king!

It was developed for broadcast applications, while it was more and more used also in other domains and for some purposes it turned out to be too unstable.


When we started to think about a more stable version of the camera support mechanism, we quickly found out that there are two main issues.

The spring loaded “Snap-In-mechanism” on the one hand and the high tolerances of camera-plates on the other hand. To get around this we uncompromisingly reduced the design of the mechanism and skipped the “Snap-In-functionality”. 


To handle the tolerance problem, we added an adjustable “Lock-Bolt”. 

After that, because the mechanism was strong enough to do so, we cut off the tail and made it optional.

What came out was DC-LOCK, a:





super strong,

ultimate versatile &

modular VCT14 system.