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DC.LINK PRO | Stable HD Signal | Full Meta Data Support | HD-SDI & HDMI 


It is our goal to provide high-quality wireless connection.

This includes an uncompressed, latency-free video signal as well as stability you can rely on. For this reason, we stick with HD until we can guarantee higher resolutions without compromises and at the frame rates actually required for practical use.


While most manufacturers are moving to WIFI, we stick to WHDI technology and now create the ability to add DC-LINK receivers to an existing non-DFS WHDI system from other brands with our unique Multi Brand Connectivity. This works quite simply: All receivers in the MKII series let you choose from different frequency sets, which allows compatibility with

other brands.


Whether you are shooting a Hollywood blockbuster or the financial presentation of a large corporation - sometimes we have to deal with sensitive content that is not inten- ded for everyone’s eyes. For devices that do not require pairing, this has sometimes been a criterion for exclusion. With the MKII series of our DC-LINK systems, we have solved this problem by implementing an Encryption Mode that can be activated easily and still allows a connection with an infinite number of receivers.

Master ChannelSelection.png

The operation of your entire wireless system is now even easier than usual! All receivers react to channel changes of the transmitter and follow automatically.

We call this Master Channel Selection.


All lights go out in Dark Mode. In Encryption Mode all receivers follow the transmitter into and out of Dark Mode.

„Camera rolling!“ - or is it? Even when things get a little chaotic on set, you always know what‘s going on with the new Record Indicator on your OSD.

The significantly more stable Flexible Sword Antennas now come with all MK II devices.

All sets come in the new case, with space for one transmitter and up to three receivers. Since nothing has changed in the dimensions of the devices, the previous DC-LINK de- vices also fit perfectly into the new case - and vice versa.


We want you to lead a long term relationship with your wireless systems!

That’s why our MKII series of is course compatible with all previous models.

And of corse it is Cross Compatible across the whole lineup of DC-LINK systems.

















pic by Julius Aeneas Thamer

DwarfConnection produces rock-solid, high-quality wireless video transmission systems designed for filmmakers, broadcasters  or whoever may need a stable transmission solution.
At DwarfConnection, we all work in the film and video industry ourselves and are therefore very aware of the problems and challenges that can surface during a complex production.


That is why we set out to minimize such challenges with our DC-LINK long range

wireless systems.


We decided not to implement the Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) system with its limiting pairing process and settled on Manual Frequency Management (MFM) instead. This allows a more stable connection in difficult conditions and crowded environments. Setting up the connection between transmitter and receiver is quick and easy – almost as easy as Plug and Play. Our DC-LINK systems permit the use of as many receivers as required, allowing maximum flexibility in a studio, on a set or in a live production environment. 


DwarfConnection systems are simple to use, built to withstand even the toughest conditions and provide the most stable wireless video transmission currently available.


We do not want to offer “additional” technical features for a higher price. The main difference between the various models is the transmission range. The DC-LINK.CLR2 we wanted to keep as compact as possible. Therefore, it has no external antennas on the receiver and does not come with a battery plate. Attaching an additional plate (optional accessory) is an easy procedure.

» Wireless video up to 1200m

» Frequency Scanner over HDMI output

» Antenna working status over HDMI output

» Controlable fans

» OSD can be switched off

» OLED display on the side

» Supports META data and start-stop function

» Fully compatible with its predecessors LR1 and CLR1 

» Uncompressed video up to 1080p60  4:2:2 10-bit on SDI and 4:4:4 on HDMI

» Delay under 1ms

» 3G-SDI & HDMI with integrated cross-converter (HDMI to SDI / SDI to HDMI)

» Works with unlimited wireless receivers

» Manual frequency selection, no pairing required

» Stable connection established by preset channels and no use of DFS

» Operates in license-free 5Ghz-ISM band

Feel free to contact us to find the perfect system for your demand. 


ultra long range
1200m los


compact long range
300m los


additional receiver
1200m los


additional receiver
300m los


LOS means line of sight.

Although it is an inadequate and not very meaningful comparison value, at least in our opinion, it is the industry standard benchmark to declare the effective power of an wireless video transmission system.

BUT wireless transmission is not that simple.

Lot´s of factors influence the range of a system and under difficult circumstances even the range of the biggest system can drop significant. Therefore, under certain circumstances, it may be useful to have the extra power of a bigger system, even at short distances.

On the other hand we thought carefully about the declaration of our systems and under good conditions they are able reach even further than declared. 

To learn more about how WHDI works, to avoid failures and to find out what´s your personal best choice check out our FAQ and knowledge page, or simply ask us.



ULR1, CLR2 & LR2

Come in an handy and rugged case that holds

up to three receivers. The set includes:

  • D-Tap cable for transmitter & receiver

  • Netplugs for transmitter & receiver (not for CLR2)

  • flexible Sword Antennas (incl. spare)

  • Magicarm & Hotshoe Mount

  • durable Quickstart Guide

  • USB flasch drive with manual

X.LINK.L1 & S1

Come in ecological cardboard packaging with reusable foam inlay. The set includes:

  • D-Tap cable

  • flexible Sword Antennas (not for S1)

  • Magicarm & Hotshoe Mount

  • durable Quickstart Guide

  • USB flasch drive with manual

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