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DwarfConnection DC.LINK User Stories

At DwarfConnection, we love our wireless systems and are always happy to hear about their adventures. And we want to share these stories with you.



DwarfConnection offers stable HD wireless video devices with full metadata support and a transmission range of up to 3km.

Perfect for use on film, live production and aerial filming.

Our DC.LINK devices have uncompressed, latency-free video signal as well as stability you can rely on.


For this reason, we stick with HD until we can guarantee higher resolutions without compromises and at the frame rates actually required for practical use.

While most manufacturers are moving to WIFI, we stick to WHDI technology and now create the ability to add DC-LINK receivers to an existing non-DFS WHDI system from other brands with our unique Multi Brand Connectivity. This works quite simply: All receivers in the DC.LINK lineup let you choose from different frequency sets, which allows compatibility with

other brands.



We at DwarfConnection made two nice and useful BUNDLE Deals ready for you!

For more information on our BUNDLE deals, please contact your local DC.LINK dealer!


This is what we do.

This is what we love.

This is DwarfConnection.

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