DC-LINK | WHDI based wireless SDI and HDMI transmission systems
DC-LINK | wireless video systems

At DwarfConnection we all work in the film and video industry ourselves and are therefore very aware of the problems

and challenges that can surface during a complex production. DwarfConnection systems are simple to use, built to

withstand even the toughest conditions and provide the most stable wireless video transmission currently available.

Because of its wide domain of application there are different DC-LINK video transmission systems based on WHDI technology. 


Please, choose the proper DC-LINK system below.

ULR1 |wireless video up to 1200m
ULR1 | wireless SDI & HDMI up to 1200m
LR2 | wireless video up to 700m
LR2 | wireless SDI & HDMI up to 700m
CLR2 | wireless HDMI and SDI transmission system
CLR2 | wireless SDI & HDMI up to 300m
MR1PRO | wireless HDMI & RS232
MR1PRO | wireless HDMI & RS232 up to 150m
RE1 | 5GHz MiMO antenna for wireless video
RE1 | 5GHz MiMO antenna for wireless video

All DC-LINK wireless video transmission systems use WHDI technology. Learn more how to use them and how this technology works.

WHDI | how wireless video transmisson works
DC-LINK wireless SDI and HDMI application samples