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DC.LINK LITE | Stable HD Signal | Basic Meta Data | HDMI or HD-SDI


X.LINK XS3 HMDI Receiver 


Compact, lite and super stable!

The XS3 brings you a ton of nice features! 
With its smart design, it is sandwich-mountable to your favorite field monitor and provides stable HD-Video over a range of 300m

It features our unique Multi-Brand Connectivity, so it even is compatible with nonDFS transmitters of ohter brands like CVW, Vaxis and many others.

We also implemented advanced features like SmartFanControl, MasterChannelSwitching and Encoding.

Check out the XS3's KEY FEATURES below.

MSRP € 1.190,00 excl. VAT


With the included NPF-Battery plate you can easily mount your XS3 to your NPF powered field monitor.

The NPF-Battery plate is also rotatable in 90° steps to ensure the perfect orientation of the XS3.

Also included in the box is a NPF-Battery plate spacer to have enough room around the monitor's second battery port.



Smart Fan Control regulates the fan automatically to keep the XS3 nice and cool.

It also deactivates the fan when the camera is recording to have silent on set when its needed.

You can also manually activate or deactivate the fan permanently. 

Cross Compatibility

One of the most unique features of our XS3 is the cross compatibility with WHDI transmitters of other brands.

Than means you can use it for example with all non-DFS Hollyland, CVW or Vaxis transmitters you may already have in your equipment pool.


Master Channel Switching

A very convenient feature the compact XS3 also supports is Master Channel Switching.

You just have to change the Channel on the transmitter and the XS3 automatically follows the new channel within seconds.

Simple, straight forward and hassle-free.

Instant Re-Connection

If the stable signal should get lost due to excessive range or for example an object blocks the LOS, just take a step in the right direction and the signal instantly comes back.


You need full Meta Data together with HD-SDI and HDMI connectivity?
We've got you covered with our DC.LINK PRO lineup!


LOS means line of sight.

Although it is an inadequate and not very meaningful comparison value, at least in our opinion, it is the industry standard benchmark to declare the effective power of an wireless video transmission system.

BUT wireless transmission is not that simple.

Lot´s of factors influence the range of a system and under difficult circumstances even the range of the biggest system can drop significant. Therefore, under certain circumstances, it may be useful to have the extra power of a bigger system, even at short distances.

On the other hand we thought carefully about the declaration of our systems and under good conditions they are able reach even further than declared. 

To learn more about how WHDI works, to avoid failures and to find out what´s your personal best choice check out our FAQ and knowledge page, or simply ask us.




Come in ecological cardboard packaging.
The set includes:

  • D-Tap cable

  • rotatable NPF sandwich plate and spacer

  • durable Quickstart Guide

  • USB flasch drive with manual

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